Why Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace is a Classic Jewelry?

Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace

Buffalo horn necklace is a material made from semi-hard organic material made of calcium phosphate and collagen fibers, the material is quite lightweight, and can be carved into various shapes. Bone products come in shades of extraordinary white light such as ivory, beige, with a finish similar to a horn.

This material can be a bit brittle from horns, but it is still a strong material. Same with horns, bones are a by-product of pets. The bones used to produce ornamental jewelry come from cows, which are raised by the meat, milk and leather industries. Animals are not injured at any stage to get their bones. These accessories follow the tribal tradition of not wasting parts of animals; therefore after the death of animals, their bones are reused to produce delicate and unique pieces of body jewelry.

To maintain the natural beauty and smoothness of your bone jewelry, there are simple periodic maintenance tips that you can follow. Because this is an organic product, you only need to wash it with mild antibacterial soap, and a little water. If accidentally soaked, dry immediately and give an oil. It is also recommended to keep it away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. To revive and maintain its flexibility, you can give it oil with coconut, jojoba, or pure olive oil every two weeks. Try to explore the horn accessories category and find beautiful jewelry that suits you.


Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace and other materials

Material from wood

Materials made of wood only use natural wood to produce carefully designed body jewelry. There are several types of wood used for this purpose, namely Palmwood, Black Wood, Indian Rosewood, Sandalwood, Sono wood, Ghana Wood, Pacific Oak wood, and Olive Wood. We will explain several types of wood first, namely palm wood, black wood, rosewood and sandalwood.

Body jewelry made of lightweight wood, and broad flexibility. The hardness of wood will depend on the type of wood used. Wooden body jewelry requires special care, such as periodically oiled with coconut or jojoba oil, to help it retain its moisture content. This will also prevent the product from becoming too dark all the time.

Avoid soaking, because wood absorbs water too quickly. A good suggestion for keeping your wooden jewelry with a beautiful appearance for a long time is to occasionally polish it with vegan coconut wax. This material made from natural wood is the best use for all body jewelry materials, and is sometimes combined with other materials such as silver, brass, and also with some gemstones like bronze among others.


This wood varies in color from pale beige with thick orange veins to dark brown with cream veins. It weighs very light.


The color is very black and looks like ebony. It is important not to confuse this material with horns, being a good alternative for people who do not use animal products.

Indian Rosewood:

Hard redwood with a natural luster.


Buffalo Horn Chain necklace and other material that is sandalwood


Beige and somewhat oily with a distinctive sweet aroma. Sandalwood is not used for body piercing jewelry but is used for necklaces and bracelets.

Spiritual Uses of Sandalwood:

Sandalwood is used in various ways in the spiritual traditions in the east. This is considered beneficial for meditation, calming and focusing the mind. This is used in incense in temples or private altars to remind us of the scent of heavenly nature. Sandalwood is also used to build parts of the temple.

Meditation beads are made with sandalwood in which a personal mantra or prayer is repeated as the beads roll through the finger. Sandalwood paste is used in many rituals including fire ceremonies and to the forehead as a blessing, as well as to make symbolic designs for certain religious sects.

In this way, the aroma emitted from time to time also helps remind one of the spiritual worlds. This oil is one of the best-scented aids for meditation. A drop or two can be applied to the forehead or rubbed between the eyebrows before starting meditation, a way to set the stage and prepare the mind to begin its inner journey. This is the explanation of the buffalo horn chain necklace and other accessories materials that people use as accessories.